At a time of economic hardship across continents, worldwide competition now firmly grounded in innovation and creativity, diseases like heart-disease, obesity, anxiety and depression more prevalent than we’d wish and a growing search for contentment across cultures, this beautiful and fascinating film takes us on an adventure around the world, and explores, at a depth both beautiful and abundantly well-informed, a deeper curiosity and responsibility we have – to ourselves and the health of our species – to nurture our need (and desire) for play. One of the key ingredients of innovation and creativity, healthy relationships and our powerful pursuit of happiness certainly deserves, at the very least, a seat at the table. My research tells me it’s just about time for our biological drive to play, in our own defense, to have a voice of its own. The great news is the Play Revolution has already begun! This film joins that discussion, and hopes you will too.


*Earth Lights Photo Courtesy of NASA.