Joie de Vivre will take viewers on a journey through stunning accounts of humanity and nature’s celebration of Play around the globe, from urban developed cities to grand natural locations and one of the most remote villages on the planet. Shooting with high quality HD video, the footage will be comprised of beautiful shots, both up-close and intimate and grand and vista-like, with an approach similar in style to the BBC and Discovery Channel’s series “Planet Earth” and the captivating images of Ron Fricke’s film “Baraka.” To pair with these striking images of play around the globe, Joie will also incorporate some whimsical animation, hand drawn art by artist Denise Gallagher and mixed video elements sprinkled playfully throughout as well, (somewhat like the various mixed-video/art approaches used for the introduction to Jason Reitman’s film “Juno” and in Marc Forster’s film “Stranger Than Fiction”). The film is about play, and, fittingly, our style and approach will be presented in an artistic, entertaining and playful way. To round out Joie’s artistic presentation and follow the film’s theme, it will also include 8 pieces of eye-popping, hand-drawn comic book art to briefly and entertainingly introduce our 8 story subjects. The art will be created by successful comic artist Kody Chamberlain, (of the comics “Sweets”, “Punks: The Comic” – MTV Geek and “Luke McBain”).

Grounded by expert testimonials, Joie de Vivre will include relevant footage from scientific studies, brain imagery and commentary, archival footage of play across cultures, and a few stunning morsels of NASA space photography for good measure. Play is the birthplace of innovation, after all, and what more amazing innovation have we reached than the ability to leave our planet and look back in awe at ourselves.

Artistically presented but with a firm foundation, the film will combine fascinating interviews with internationally recognized experts in various fields, spectacular footage for viewers to marvel and vérité style intimate storytelling. Bringing us into the lives of our 8 story subjects as we move throughout the film, Joie will offer an honest, new perspective and deeply compelling look at Play and the human condition. Meticulously planned and cleverly executed, Joie will not only take us on a beautiful adventure into the scientific, magical and alluring world of play, but will present a finely crafted piece of visual art and storytelling.