As a consummate player and committed environmental steward,

I am passionate about preserving our planet’s most magnificent playgrounds, our grand, unspoiled natural spaces, and to joining those committed to “fostering the development of science-based knowledge of play and bringing the knowledge and benefits of play to public awareness and action.” [The National Institute for Play]

Because of these two commitments, it is important to me not just to create this film and to share this knowledge for the betterment of our society, our species and our own personal lives here, but also to give back to those forces of good that facilitate our success in the arena of play (and those that follow it), and thus inspire and support our own future health, innovation and happiness.

Below I outline the three ways in which I intend to directly give back:


 To the PLANET, certainly our most cherished playground:

3 percent of the film’s profit from all DVD sales will be donated to environmental conservation to preserve our most spectacular and important playgrounds, our National parks and great protected natural spaces – the places where we play, explore, learn and endeavor on our noble pursuits of happiness.


To our CHILDREN and our next generation of innovators:

3 percent of the film’s profit from all DVD sales will be donated to support arts, music and free-play related programs in our public schools, to foster and grow the play drive in the hopes to create a less play-deficient, more innovative, happier and healthier next generation.


To ADULTS, many of whom may benefit greatly from less play-deficient lives:

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3 percent of the film’s profit from all DVD sales will be donated to the Joie de Vivre Fund who will, every year, use the funds total to protect and support adult play by offering our “Adults Only Play Scholarship”. All submission requests will be considered that relate to fostering a sense of personal play balance. In our increasingly play deficient species, play, one of our most important biological drives for survival, innovation and personal wellbeing, has lost its clout. This fund will do as much as its accounts allow to bring play back into the lives of adults around the world – and since play is the most personal and unique endeavor we can embark on – to do so through their own hopes and dreams and on their own terms.  

“To the art of working well a civilized

race would add the art of playing well.”

-George Santayana

Philosopher, 1863-1952

*Moon Landing Photography courtesy of NASA.